Environmental Podcasts To Educate and Inspire

By Alexa Scott-Dalgleish

The Yikes Podcast  by Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker

Whilst not strictly limited to environmental issues, this no-filter podcast is a frank conversation between two millennial friends – Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker – about the many issues we face in this day and age. Inevitably, topics such as climate change, environmentalism and sustainability make regular appearances, along with a host of other important conversations such as oppression, race, health and politics. 

One of our favourite episodes is Fast Fashion by Aja Barber, which tackles the worlds of sustainability, fashion, white saviourism, cultural appropriation, systemic change and privilege, plus their inevitable intersection. Equally as accessible for those who know nothing about the impacts of fast fashion as to those who consider themselves experts, it proffers insight into the devastating effects of the industry from one of its leading voices. 

The Food Fight Podcast from EIT Food

EIT Food is a knowledge community and Europe’s leading food innovation initiative. Its Food Fight podcast sees hosts Matt Eastland and Lukxmi Balathasan in conversation with everyone from entrepreneurs to tech specialists, each of whom are on their own mission to tackle the issue of food in the 21st century, whether this be the scarcity, quality, waste or environmental effects. 

Each episode deals with a new idea on the food scene meaning there’s no need to start at episode one, with favourites including ‘Is there value in food waste’ (see also our Waste Not, Want Not: Food Waste And The Ideas To Tackle It article), and ‘Is technology protecting or exploiting our seas and oceans’, which may be of particular interest in a world post Seaspiracy!

Don’t Mess With Nature by Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell is an international leader in the conservation of nature and the recent founder of Don’t Mess With Nature, which debuted in Spring 2020 and takes a look at the intersection of natural and financial capital. Sounds complex? Whilst the topic certainly is, the ability to understand it is not thanks to Andrew’s conversational delivery and informal structure that makes it entirely accessible to everyone. 

It tackles some big topics including the rise in catastrophic natural events and the COVID-19 pandemic as a symptom of a greater environmental illness, and how – without serious, systemic change – we are going to finance ourselves into extinction.  

Common Threads by Ruth MacGilp & Alice Cruikshank 

Hosted by Talia contributor Ruth MacGilp (check out her article on whether regulation can transform fashion) and, Alice Cruikshank, Common Threads is an ethical style podcast championing fashion that respects both people and the planet. The duo explores the many ways to build a better, more sustainable industry and the pioneering individuals leading the charge, tackling a range of topics that include #PayUp, greenwashing, size inclusivity and anti-racism.

We’re particularly fond of the podcast’s dealings with time-relevant issues such as ‘understanding the cancelled orders crisis with Ayesha Barenblat’ and ‘Are facemasks ethical?’, as well as its deep dives into what the future holds for the industry with episodes such as ‘What’s next for charity shops’ and ‘The future of fashion week’. 

The Ecosia Podcast

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees, with servers running on 200% renewable energy and every search request removing 1kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. In 2018, it added podcast creator to its resumé with the launch of The Ecosia Podcast, a mini-series of sound bites that gives a voice to its reforestation projects. We love it for its easy-to-consume structure with several episodes less than ten minutes long, as well as its wonderfully international perspective that takes listeners across the globe, from Ghana and Brazil to Spain and Australia. 

Sustainable Influenced by Bianca Foley & Charlotte Williams

This podcast is your one-stop shop for navigating the minefields of sustainability and ethical living. In discussion with a series of sustainability experts, Bianca and Charlotte unravel the jargon and concepts that accompany this ever-evolving world, covering topics that range from branding and business to deforestation, ethical fashion and race.

Its many brand-founder interviews provide a unique insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of leading ethical brands, always accompanied by an open, honest discussion that does not shy away from the challenges and difficulties. Ultimately, the mission is to create a community of like-minded individuals trying to ‘do their bit’, open to sharing tips with newcomers striving to lead a sustainable life. 

So Hot Right Now

Environmental journalist, Lucy Siegle, and wildlife filmmaker, Tom Mustill, join forces to bring you So Hot Right Now, a podcast covering some of the biggest climate issues with the biggest hitters in the industry. These include legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, former president of Ireland Mary Robinson, singer and activist Ellie Goulding and UN climate negotiator Christiana Figueres, to name but a few, who harness the power of language and communication to shake the world into action. 

Informal, personal and passionate, these conversations will give you the tools to play your part and is a must for anyone with an interest in the past, present and future of planet earth. 

Alexa Scott-Dalgleish

Alexa is the Content Manager at Talia Collective. Previously, she worked for a top travel PR firm with a focus on sustainability in London, before moving to Madrid to learn Spanish and cut her teeth as a freelance travel copywriter and PR consultant.