The Best Eco Apps

By Amelia Windsor

There’s no denying that we live in a digital world these days. These are some of the apps doing their bit to protect the physical one, curated by me, Amelia Windsor!

Picture This

I always wanted to be able to proudly identify the flora and fauna I saw around me on my daily commutes and wanders, but often struggled to remember their names when I finally came round to looking them up in a botanical. However, the brilliant Picture This app came to my rescue and is incredibly easy to use. All it requires is a quick snap of the plant and you’ll be provided with not only its name, but where it originates from, its state of health as well as its uses and meanings for people around the world.

Whether you are out and about or at home with your houseplants, this is an app that allows you to get to know your plant friends and feel more connected to them, albeit through an electronic device…


During lockdown, I went through my wardrobe and found items of clothing that needed mending and altering, doing my best to do the job myself. Although I think it is hugely important for people to be able to mend their clothes themselves (I will not stop at trying to improve my own skills!), there are many greatly talented tailors around London that we should support and (let’s be honest) will do a better job than the rookies out there (myself included).

Sojo has a team of cyclists around London that come to pick up your cherished items from your door and safely deliver them to one of their skilled tailors with any instructions you may have submitted through the app. Before you can say ‘darn it!’, it’ll be back in your hands, as good as new.

Good On You

It is well known that a lot of fashion brands are guilty of greenwashing in regard to their messages about sustainability throughout their collections and campaigns. Good On You allows you to look up the brand in question and see what rating they truly have with regards to their ethics; whether that be the treatment of their workers, their materials, their use of water, and more.

Can’t see the brand you’re interested in on the app? You can make a suggestion via the app for it to be so!


Sometimes it can be frustrating when you are out and about with your reusable bottle but there doesn’t seem to be a tap or a fountain in sight. The Refill app not only alerts you to your nearest water bottle refilling station but also a variety of other destinations to help you reduce your waste consumption like coffee shops offering discounts on reusable mugs and plastic-free food shops.

The app operates all over the UK and you can even add your own finds to the map and support communities and businesses that are doing their bit to cut down on plastic pollution.


It is easy to feel guilty about getting a takeaway delivery but Karma has the reverse effect. Having partnered with hundreds of restaurants and cafes in London where they started (they are expanding quickly to other parts of the UK), Karma is passionate about reducing food waste whilst providing their customers with a delivery service that is also kinder to their pockets. It’s a win-win situation!

The food sellers upload a list of their unsold dishes or products onto the app and users nearby are able to come and collect them at specific times. An astronomical amount of food is wasted in the UK alone despite people’s growing awareness of the issue, but the app provides a gateway for tackling it whilst discovering new culinary destinations in the process.


Dry cleaning and laundry can be a messy business in terms of its negative environmental effects. Oxwash picks up your items by bike and can have them back in as little as a day. The company has created ‘lagoon’ systems at their sites that recycle the water used in each cycle creating a closed-loop system. The machines also capture up to 95% of microfibres in ongoing research to prevent all plastic particles from entering waterways and drinking water.

The items to be washed are disinfected using only biodegradables, renewable energy and oxygen whilst having the mechanisms to know exactly how much to use for each load- very exciting research and a company to watch. Interested in knowing more about Oxwash? Watch Talia Collective’s Talia Talk with its founder, Kyle, here!

Amelia Windsor

Amelia is a British model and freelance writer based between London and Cambridge. When she isn’t searching for vintage fashion gems, she is exploring the latest eco-destinations around the world.