Talia Collective provides product information and sustainability criteria to help you find the items that match your own values. We aim to inspire our shoppers and readers to take more steps towards conscious living.

Considerately Produced
The wellbeing and safety of humans and the environment is paramount to a sustainable brand. Non toxic practices mean less health issues for workers and less damage to our planet. Reduce waste, cut carbon and trace supply chains.
Friendly Materials
Materials that are friendly to our planet and to ourselves. This refers to the fibres in our clothes, the components of our beauty products and the effects they have on the planet’s wellbeing.
Locally Crafted
Brands adhering to fair trade and promoting local craftsmanship, investing in local economies while celebrating and preserving traditions all over the world.
Zero waste and a circular economy should be the foundation of a modern brand. From upcycled and recycled garments to reusable or recyclable packaging, always taking into consideration the entire life-cycle of the product.
No animal testing or harmful practices throughout any stage of the production.
No animal-derived ingredients – from bee pollen to keratin.
Give-back Culture
Celebrating brands that have a mission and are purpose-driven. Whether they commit a percentage of their revenues or have a “buy one –donate one” policy in their business model.
Water Usage
Water is one of our most precious resources and critical for socio-economic development, healthy ecosystems and for human survival itself. Brands that are committed to reducing their H20 footprint are the brands of our future.

We want to change people’s perception of sustainability from the required to the desired. We believe that the path to sustainability should be inclusive and diverse and collaborate with independent brands founded by drivers of positive change. They demonstrate that quality and aesthetic do not need to come at the cost of others or our environment.
At Talia Collective, we are fully committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Our  digital platform favours graphic design, collages, animated videos and GIFs in order to reduce the amount of photoshoots and resources required for our editorials.

Talia Collective is a proud member of 1% for the Planet committing to giving 1% of gross sales each year to approved nonprofit partners.